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Praise and Worship

02 Feb

Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship is a very important prayer in the healing and deliverance process. This the prayer that uplifts and takes you to the presence of the Lord. It is a prayer that makes you overcome all the problems and breaks all the chains of the enemy.
1– You have to fully understand what praise and worship is all about, and make them
enter your life.
2- Read well [Act 16:1 6-34] and keep it at heart.
3 Give the Lord sometime everyday; thank Him for what He has done for you. “Paul and Silas met the girl who used to foretell the future and earn income for her guardians”.

Today we have many people just like this girl. They have places of worship and can tell you all about your life. Such people are visited by many1 yet they are not righteous — just like that girl.
“The girl followed them shouting, “Those are God’s people; who tell us how we can be saved”.
This girl was always saying the truth, but using Satan’s gifts and powers, which Satan gives to his followers to have access to the world of evil spirits. Many individuals use religion and the bible, the name of Jesus, the Saints, the Rosary and others related to religion to falsely preach the Word of God. They do miracles in the power of Satan but they are not righteous

With continuous shouts from the girl, Paul got annoyed and said, “In the name of Jesus, you spirit i order you to leave her!!!” Immediately the spirit left the girl.
Those who believe in the Lord have powers to silence everything, including the power of Satan. Have faith; walk with the Lord, you will finally win the enemy Satan in all ways.
“When the relatives of the girl saw that their market had fallen they started fighting and had great hate for Paul and his colleague – they put them in jail”.

Many places have been invaded where there is righteous worship of the Lord; the Lord’s people have also been attacked and persecuted quite on several occasions. Everything possible to fail them has been done. You should realize that even when one appears very righteous, talks bad about others, and at the same time destroy God’s work done elsewhere, believe me that person is using the powers of Satan.
“After beating them hard they put them in the inner prison where they were jailed.

Many times, most of us are accused innocently and are persecuted for doing well. You may be hated at the workplace, on the village where you live because of the gifts you have, or because of your good deeds, or good behavior . Many are bewitched and killed. You may also be passing through this kind of life. Have courage the One who released Paul and his colleague is at your side. Are you in jail, prison, or confused? Do as Paul and Silas did.

“In the middle of the night Paul and his colleague prayed to God and worshiped Him in prayer and songs. Suddenly, there happened to be power ‘that descended. The whole place shook and the doors of the jail broke open.
‘When you learn to praise God at all times, whether good or bad, the Lord will do the rest”
They prayed whole heartedly, puffing all their faith in God, with a lot of belief that He could not let them down, and they were feeling His presence around them.

You also have to enter in prayer with faith, tell the Lord all that you go through, crying or praying aloud with strength. Let your prayer weigh in your heart. Let your prayer be bigger and weigh more in your heart and in your words than the problem you are presenting.
After praying, they praised the Lord in songs. “After praying to God, believe and have faith that you have and will receive”. [Mk. 11:24].

After praying to God and asking Him to save and rescue them from the hands of their enemies, they had faith that God had heard their prayer. That is why they thanked and praised the Lord.
This prayer leans on praise, worship, faith and thanksgiving. God has given you and will give you what you have asked for.

First read and clearly learn the meaning and benefits of thanksgiving prayers. Praise so that you can achieve the victory that Paul and Silas reached.

When you are with God without concentration, do not expect anything. That is why we realize that those who complain about the kingdom of God have no way. You need to be with life full of thanksgiving and praise. When your heart if full of happiness and peace from the songs that are sung every time, you also need to thank God for his goodness.

When you pray to the Lord, He answers you and whenever you praise Him, He comes to you in the power, authority and glory.

In the kingdom of God, thanksgiving comes before praise, and that is the secret of the kingdom. The heart that knows to thank it is the heart that praises.
If you have anything you want from God, if you want Him to turn and look at you while praying, give yourself peace, feel satisfied in God when giving thanks.
Don’t let your problems blindfold you. Don’t forget the good things God has done for you. Probably you may annoy God. Whatever you do not have should remind you of what He has given you, so that you can be able to thank Him. When you thank the Lord
everyday he will continuously bless you.

GOD’S GOOD THINGS [Ps. 103: 3-5] What can increase your heart to praise the
Lord is to first thank Him [in 6: 11]. Those who thank do not need to ask God, for they have called Him. Jesus also just
thanked Him for the bread; He did the same thing when he raised Lazarus from the dead. [Jn 6:11; in. 11:411; Thess. 5:18] When you have something you have lost, God is the reason why you lost everything, therefore thank Him.
Do not expect to win whenever you sweat. You might satisfy yourself in everything but God must be uplifted and thanked, for what you have and where you are, so that He can move you to a level you have not reached.
In the desert when God gave them manna they never thanked Him. That is why He never changed it for a period of forty years. Until you learn to thank for all the good things you have received from God, you will never leave the desert of your life. Thank the Lord continuously for what he has given you.

Lead a life full of praise and God will protect you in everything. You may pray and fail to receive. Very difficult life situations need serious praising. Have faith like that of a small child who jumps around and dances. Every time you see things becoming impossible, praise with a rightful heart. The Lord will be with you in every situation.

When you praise God unceasingly, God also comes and is with you in person. God’s presence is for those who praise Him. [Ps. 114:1-4]. Failure to have the presence of God in your life is the root to problems you face; for when you praise God, everything goes in His hands and you remain victorious.

When you praise and thank the Lord, you enter into the presence of God [Ps. 100:4]. You need to fast for forty (40) days to receive the presence of the Lord. When you thank and praise you enter into the presence of the Lord. Every time you praise, the Lord comes immediately and fights the war. He is the fighter and once you continue in serious praise, satan is forced to throw away aM his weapons. [Ps. 149:1, 6, 9].

What you are and what you have, you do not get to you through your own power, intelligence or endowment, but because of the love of the Lord. You were selected and given the dignity even before you were born. You are God’s image – not of your own capabilities. You are on a pot full of God’s love and mercy because He is the one who decides to uplift you in dignily and love. God
has a strong plan for you in your life, which shows you his riches and dignity for you. You have only one thing to do – remain with Him and do not worry about the rest. It is only the Lord who decides to make you his child and a very expensive creature to Him – not for any reason. Therefore satan cannot make you throw away what you are in the Lord. That is the reason why you have to praise, thank, and be pleased with the Lord because you are a child with a purpose.

You may now be in a house of Portiphar or Prison like Joseph but soon you will find yourself on the throne ruling. Do not think God has taken or takes long to work. Believe He is taking you to a much beautiful destination, It is not your own power that will take you there, just forget about yours and start praising and thanking because all that belongs to you belongs to the Lord.