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About Us

The Eucharistic Shrine Mt.Sion Prayer Center Bukalango is a Holy place. Any believer from any religious affiliation can always come and pray with us. One can get the Lord’s blessings without being touched by any preacher. All he has to do is to pray with faith and whole heartedly. Mt. Sion Prayer Centre has over the years since it’s inception attracted a large number of believers. Thousands of people flock the centre during mass and religious festivals. For instance the “SSangaalo” at the end of every month. Believers stay over night and even brave enough to stay in the cold at night. In a bid to reach out to a bigger congregation, Mt.Sion prayer centre and Msgr. Expendito Magembe have come out with a DVD documentary that contains prayer activities at the centre and a powerful anointing prayer by Msgr Expendito Magembe.

Msgr. Expedito Magembe

Msgr. Magemebe Expedito Mt. Sion Prayer Centre was initiated by Fr. Magembe Expedito and it is located Naddangira Parishat Bukalango Sub- Parish Naddangira Parish, 16 Miles from Kampala off Hoima Road.It’s under Jurisdiction of Kampala Archdiocese and Cyprian Kizito Lwanga now the Bishop of the above named Diocese (Kampala Archdiocese) where we belong. Msgr. Magembe started the Eucharistic shrine, Mt. Sion Prayer Centre in 1993 from Kiziba Parish and in 1999, Fr. Magembe introduced the idea of transforming this programme into a large place he introduced the idea to the Archbishop of Kampala who accepted it happily suggesting Bukalango Sub Parish -Naddangira Parish as an ideal place. In 2001, Mt. Sion was opened. Its mission is to bring people back to God through renewal of their Christian faith, commitment to Jesus and change their behavior, attitude, and practices to God. Teaching at Mt.Sion is based on the apostolic teaching which is also the foundation of the Holy Catholic Church.

To the above objectives, the focus is put on teaching and training the paths of Holiness works of the charity, reconciliation with God and living in the spirit of God. The masses at mt.sion prayer centre have increased tremendously since it’s inception in 1992 because of the miraculous happenings that take place there under the guidance of Msgr. Magembe Expedito. We don’t broadcast our sessions on any form of mass media and neither do we own a television or radio station, but it’s people’s testimonies about how their lives have been changed, cure from advanced diseases, financial breakthroughs, works of the devil like Demonic attacks, mental illness and many more challenges that have attracted more believers. Our teachings at Mount Sion are based on the catholic foundation but all people from various religious socializations are free to come, witness and receive the power of the Holy Spirit.

Mt. Sion Bukalango has received prominent visitors who come to witness the power of God. Archbishop Kassuja Augustine, the pope’s representative in Algeria is one of them. He’s an occasional visitor at he prayer centre. He comes along with his relatives whom he hands over to Fr.Magembe for Dedication to the Lord.

Activities at Mt. Sion Prayer Centre

At Mt. Sion Prayer Centre there are weekly activities like Mass, Counseling and weekly retreats. Counseling sessions are always held on Thursdays and Tuesdays. People with various problems raging from Spiritual, Emotional problems like stress, physical problems like sickness and others are always counseled. The Centre got professional counselors and each individual is attached to aconsellor. Sessions are always held at individual and group levels until solutions are got to whoever’s problem. The intercessors who also act as counselors, then go on and pray for various individuals being counseled. They are later taught and encouraged by the counselors how to lead a life free from sin and worldly acts like fornication, Adultery, Corruption, and others. They are also encouraged to always come and attend prayer sessions at the Centre at least once a week.

Healing Service at Mt.Sion Prayer Center

The Centre also conducts Healing Mass every Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sunday. They are conducted by Msgr. Magembe Expedito at the Centre. During the mass that takes place, there’s powerful healing that takes place. The sick get healed, demons are rebuked and chased out of people’s lives, many people turn to God and give up their wicked acts like Sorcery, and many Miraculous happenings go on at the Centre during Mass every Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Msgr. Magembe Expedito encourages sons and daughters of Sion to always attend such healing masses like the Scripture say in Mathew 18:19 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”