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Home Faith Interpretation of Dreams – Fr. Expedito Magembe

Interpretation of Dreams – Fr. Expedito Magembe

Interpretation of Dreams – Fr. Expedito Magembe

Many times when we receive instructions may come from God or from devil or from our mind. But the only problem many of us have no idea of what to do with revelations but God gives us through dreams.

Through dreams, the devil misleads many people, you may have a good dream today, tomorrow you will get a bad dreams one after another. And the devil puts in his hand and sees to it that what you have dreamt comes true. This is totally wrong. No dream is absolute.

Amos 3:3-7
“Yahweh does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants the prophets” We said that dreams can help to won us of the coming disaster and if we ignore it, our ignorance will cost us our life. That is why we have taken long time on the study of dreams.

To day let us mention about some of them.

1. Dreaming of a parcel being delivered to you.

Means that you will be pleasantly surprised by the return of some absent, or be cared for in a worldly way.

2. Dreaming carrying a parcel

Means you will have some unpleasant task to perform.

3. Dreaming parcels falling on the way as you go to deriver it.

Means you will see some deal fail to go through.

4. To see your parents looking cheerful while dreaming
Means harmony and pleasant associates.

5. If they appear to you after dead.
Means a warning of approaching trouble and you should be particular of your dealings.

6. To see them while they are leaving and they seem to be in your home and happy.
Means pleasant changes for you.

7. Dreaming seeing well kept neatly combed hair
Means your fortune will improve.

8. Dreaming flying birds
Means a sign of prosperity to the dreamer. All disagreeable environments will vanish before the wave of prospective good.

9. Dreaming when sleeping in the bed
Means you will have delightful experiences and opportunity for improving your fortune.

10. Dreaming when your wedding gown is stolen
This means there is witchcraft done against your marriage. Some is trying to interfere with your marriage your relationship with your husband is being weakened and soon your marriage will break.

Let us pray
Dear heavenly Father I take the power and authority of the name of Jesus to bind and rebuke any spirit interfering with my marriage. I ask you Father to reverse everything into good and successful marriage. Amen.

Author: Sion Bukalango

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