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History of Mount Sion Prayer Centre Bukalango

Humble Beginning

The whole story started in 1992 with the Holy spirit seminar- where Msgr.  Magembe Expedito got enlightened and empowered concerning the vision about renewal.

This idea was strengthened by the Retreat he attended in India at Portter Devine Retreat Center. After Which he started weekly  Retreats at Kiziba Catholic Parish Masuulita in Uganda with a handful of people, mainly school children from the surroundings of the Parish.

As the retreat attendees begun experiencing the miraculous presence of God with many signs and miracles, more people begun to come in bigger numbers and from different Dioceses.

By 1998 there was not enough room to accommodate these big numbers of people. So from weekend Retreats the program was extended to a full week, -every last week of the month.

In 1999  Fr. Magembe Expedito who is now Msgr. Magembe Expedito introduced the idea of transferring this program to a larger place to The Arch- Bishop of Kampala who happily accepted suggesting Naddangira Parish as a possible location.

In 2000 Bukalango Sub-Parish was chosen and in Feb. 2001 Mt. Sion was opened.

If you are one person who has moved almost every where, to various Doctors searching for healing or help but up to now nothing you have receive
– not even a change in your situation.  You have tried and gone through various prayers – but still there is no change try and visit this holy place. You will not regret.