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Home Life Dreams and Their Messages – Msgr. Expedito Magembe Explains their Meanings

Dreams and Their Messages – Msgr. Expedito Magembe Explains their Meanings

Dreams and Their Messages – Msgr. Expedito Magembe Explains their Meanings

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Messages That Come Through Dreams, Some of the Common Reams, By Msgr. Magembe Expedito

I have written this book with the aim of giving some ideas to such people that are usually disturbed by dreams and they do not know what to do. My objective is not to interpret or give a teaching concerning dreams that we dreams, but I am simply giving ideas that can help you . That is why these ideas are not very connected, and what is important is to try and tap on to some points about the usual dreams.

I have utilized ideas that I extracted from the book I read titled “do you know your dream?” While in the United Kingdom.

However even when I read some other books, I realize that the ideas I got from the book I read from the United Kingdom are similar (they are connected) to what I found and these other books.

We put prayer upon good dreams so that they may come to pass the same way we have received them. On the other hand, we put prayer upon every bad dream, so that it may not come to pass.

Here it is very difficult to give a prayer that concerns every dream. But we have given few prayers to make it easier for every one to say a prayer coming right from his or her heart, because the prayers we copy from books simply give us a beginning. W have to grow in the intercession. That is why we start with them and later we learn to prepare our prayers on our own. Whoever remains on the prayers from the book does not grow spiritually and his or her own prayer weakens due to continue repetition.

Many dreams have different interpretations. They have several interpretations. A dream may have some meaning to you when you dream it, and another person dreams the same dream and receives completely different meaning from yours.

In dream you may see dirty water or some thing dirty. To some when they get such dreams, it is a sign of sickness and incase they do not take caution or pray over it, they fall sick. Yet to some it means problems awaiting them, that they are going to go through, and to others, it means that, in the spiritual world they are not clean. That their spiritual way of life has began to fade and is going wrong.

That is why it necessary for you learn and follow up the interpretation of your dreams that you receive several times.

There was one prophet that the Lord gave to carry a basket full of grapes as a sign God’s hunger over flows – yet one would interpret this in a different way, that the blessings of the Lord are over flowing. However, even if it is like so, usually there are interpretations of dreams – concerning all (the general interpretation), in this ways, we shall give you some of the dreams and their interpretations.

Let us always pray to the Lord to give us the gift of interpreting the dreams that we dream. This will help us and we too shall be able to help others. The gift of interpreting dreams is given by the Holy Spirit so that we may be able to know the secrets in the spiritual world that we go through.

During a dream, we some times see people or things as if we a sleep, but many times it is quite difficult for us to get the real interpretation of what we have gone through in the spiritual world while in the dream.

Some dreams are prophecy from the Lord alerting you in the preparation for what is going to happen. In all ways every massage you get during a dream however small it is, it carries an interpretation. So do not despise it or neglect it.

The Lord gives us some dreams with the aim of cautioning us, when we do not respond immediately, may times we find our selves landing into danger.

Dreams are of 3 Types


These are dreams that come from our daily life; what you normally think about, what you involve your self in, plus these from the usual ways that you are normally in. When you lead a good life, many times your dreams are good and they become bad when your life is disorganized.


Dreams that come up with fear and worry, in most cases come from the devil and his servants. The devil takes this channel of dreams as a battle land where he fights God’s people and some times he deceives them by putting fear in them and even making them lose hope. Many times during dreams satan pretend to be Angel of light that paul talks about in 2 Corinthians, 11:14. The devil mislead God’s people through dreams and visions.

He may pretend to be an Angel or Jesus or mother Mary through dreams to give you massages. Here we see many that say that I have chosen you to be my prophet or he may show you what to do, yet he want to mislead you. In all this, its only the leaders of faith that can help you to get the truth. Do not go to any body, there are many people with false interpretations on dreams.

If you tell of the people that you dreamt a cow, they may tell you that these are blessings fearing to give you the truth because a cow in a dream means witchcraft plus all that concerns with witchcrafts.


Good dreams come from God in most cases, when we read in the book of Amos 3:4 “The Lord does nothing without telling His friends” when you make your self used to responding to massages you receive from the Lord, many times he reveals to you many things in the spiritual world through dreams; under this there are two ways;

a. when the Lord gives a dreams and you work upon them, or you pray for it to pass and you do what it requires, then you become the Lord’s extra ordinary friend that He tells everything that he is yet to do.
b. When you pray and fast upon a bad dream from the devil, the devil stops bringing such bad dreams for he will know that nothing will happen to you. And whatever comes on your way, you work on it with your prayers and may be you may result it into some thing good, hence he realizes that he is wasting his time.

Dreams contribute a lot towards our Life

The bible gives us the way dreams are a channel through which God sends, teaches and calls these that He is going to send. It was through a dream that the Lord revealed to Abraham that His people were to go into slavery in the land of Israel and later they would leave carrying many things (Genesis 15:12-14). We see many others still in the new testament Joseph and Mary.

The Easy Way to Learn About Dreams

Its good to learn about the kind of animals and reptiles, insects and birds especially those that normally come in dreams. They tell us that type of animal symbolizes the measure of the danger in the dream or the nature of the animal symbolizes the wisdom in the dream.

A Let us say that you have dreamed snakes

A snake is some thing very canning and poisonous and dangerous. Therefore, it means that you have been attacked by evil spirits that are very scanning aiming at stealing what belongs to you., destroying what your doing or even finishing your life.

B. when you dream about a dog

Usually a dog in a dream means spirits of fornication and its very dangerous if you dream a dog biting you. It means that evil or bad people have entered into your life, evil spirits of fornication and have misleading your life. And many times you will find your self in fornication whether you like or not.

C. incase you dream that fierce animals have attacked you

This means that you have bad enemies and very soon you will find your self in problems coming from all directions almost finishing your life.

D. When you dream cows chasing you

It means that some one or some people are sending you witchcraft, bewitching you to finish you. Here you have to be careful about every situation you are going through.

E. In case you dream about a crocodile

It means that you have an attachment or connection with evil spirits and dangerous spirits from the sea. It also means that you have been joined to agroup of evil people and any time you are finished.

F. When you dream about a cat

It means that you’re sounded by witchcraft, you reside there and you operate there, enemies from shrines, are against you.

G. Incase you dream slow moving animal

This means that all your doing is crawling. Evil people are tying up all that belongs to you so that nothing valuable comes up, that you may become a failure in all you do.

H. Incase you dream seeing flies

This means that evil people are planning to bewitch what you are doing so that all is destroyed and you may fail to get any one to help you.

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