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Perpetual Adoration

The Perpetual Adoration Chapel  Mt. Sion Prayer Center.  It is open to the public from 6:00 a.m. to9:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday. We encourage you to sign your name and phone number on the book in the chapel. Adorers and Substitutes are needed and welcome to spend time with the Lord.  For more information, contact Fr. Magembe Expedito on +256 772 440 141 or email him frmagemeb@mtsionbukalango.org.


Is Perpetual Adoration Necessary?

Jesus is always waiting to be with us. When Perpetual Adoration is offered, we have an unlimited opportunity to open ourselves to the saving grace our Lord Jesus makes available through prayer and devotion to Him. When a chapel is open all the time, everyone in the parish can take advantage of this special grace, day or night. Through Perpetual Adoration, we proclaim as a prayer Centre  that Jesus is truly present among us today.

What Do I need to become Involved?

Perpetual Adoration is available at Mt. Sion Prayer Center for all. We aim to fill each time slot with 2 people . We have also 2 people who serve as substitutes. We are still calling  up people for time slots. We ask you to register  for only 1 hour per week to spend with the Lord. We also need people to fill in on a temporary basis to cover for those who are unable to fulfill their regular time due to these who are sick.

Mt. Sion Prayer Center

We welcome you to spend a day, several days, or a week and enjoy the gift of silence in a prayerful environment.  The Center is designed to provide quiet for retreats even when the public areas are being used by groups.  Quiet brookside trails on our reserve offer a natural setting for meditation.  Spiritual direction can be provided as scheduling permits.