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Home Prayers


Collection of prayers.

Heavenly Father, Here I am with all problems — do not accept me to be ashamed — to you I come you who makes a way where there is no way — rescue me Oh Lord.

You who made a way in the Red sea for your children — the Israelites — I also ask, you to make me a way in this Lake of problem(s), (here mention the problem(s)…….so that by the time the enemy tries to make an encounter on me, he will find me already out of the problem(s) and gone to a different level.

By your great power that never fails, help me go through all problems that I am experiencing as one who goes through by the dry way through the middle of the lake. Oh Lord — I combine all that I am going through with the long suffering, the death and resurrection of your Son Jesus Christ (Repeat this prayer two times (x2).

In your wounds Oh Lord, I put all m pains — In your stripes that you were stripped, I pray for healing over all diseases on me. Through you Lord Jesus that carried all our sins — I take to the cross – all our sins, all our transgressions plus our sicknesses — in Jesus I lift all my pains to you Father God in Heaven, and the cross upon which all was overcame, is the stick that is like the stick of Moses I therefore rise upon the lake of all the problems that I am experiencing in  the name of Jesus and in the power of the his cross — let every problem go “Father God in Heaven let every problem be finished”
— Let the impossible become possible
— let there be a breakthrough in all ways
— and as I lift my Flag of victory — the Cross of Jesus in my hand.

— I declare to all the powers of darkness in the very words of Jesus that he spoke on the cross that “IT IS FINISHED” all is finished and finished, Amen.
(Repeat this prayer two times (x2).

Oh Father in Heaven — I come to you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. I thank for the precious blood of Jesus through where I and all my beloved ones are delivered from the chains of the enemy; the wounds, thoughts of sin that I know and all I do not know that is in my life and the lives of my great grandparents.
I confess to you for all the bad ways controlling my family, overdependence on other people’s decisions. I ask you to forgive me as well as my great grandparents for all these sins. Our Father in Heaven, shake up our souls and take away every sin there is, fill our souls with your Holiness of Christ Jesus.
I take my Lord Jesus Christ as my succession and I thank you my Father for the gift of your precious Son Jesus Christ — I praise you Lord Jesus Christ for coming and showing me my true roots — that are in the heart of God Himself. Amen.
Enter into a prayer from your very heart.

Prayer for Renewal of Faith

Dear Lord
Give me grace to renew my life, to be active in the Church,
to be outstanding in charity,
to grow in the Faith,
to love the Mass and Holy Communion,
to be sincere in prayers,
to overcome temptation,
to seek your mercy in confession,
to be prepared for death,
to look forward to heaven. Amen

Daily Prayer For Deliverance

In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, heavenly Father I call your presence into this place, I call the presence of Lord Jesus and I know well that without you I can do nothing, therefore I surrender everything to you. Holy Spirit come and help me in this battle against the enemy.

It is written…”No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue raised against you shall condemn”-[Is.54:17] Father I destroy every spiritual and physical weapon formed every tongue that shall rise against me and I strongly come against all the attacking forces of Satan whom Satan has assigned to attack me today. It is written …”when the enemy shall come like flood, The Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him”

Dear Holy ghost, come at my rescue with the fullness of your power and raise up a standard against the enemy-use me as your battle axe to destroy the enemy. Father send your Holy Angels to fight and guard me against the enemy and let the flood of the blood of Jesus cover all over. It is written….”I have set you over nations to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to straw down, to build and to plant”.

In the name of Jesus I pull down and destroy every controlling forces of Satan against me and the powers hindering my progress, I build and plant my progress and prosperity in all aspects of today-in Jesus name Amen. Father I come against all evil chief spirits in this area. I bind and destroy all the evil controlling forces of darkness in this place. No matter where you are hiding, I command the Holy Ghost fire to destroy all of you and demolish all the kingdoms of Satan in this area with missiles of God. I arrest the evil chief spirits against me. I lock you up in eternal darkness with judgment day of the Lord.

I come against all the spiritual coverings of the powers of darkness and I command every spiritual coverings against me to be destroyed. I destroy any power of darkness that is covering my life, my prayer, my wealth, and my progress. I command you all the hindering demons to remain chained until after the rapture in Jesus name. I blind and destroy all the spirits of the weakness no matter how you oppose me, I destroy all your sources of connecting me and I break every link between you and me. I command the dangerous fire of Holy Spirit to destroy all of you.

Heavenly Father, I violently raise a standard against all the demons that satan has assigned to manipulate or change my blessings, my miracles, my break through and my success into a curse. I rebuke, bind, curse out all of you. I command the release of my blessings and of my family. It is written in Deut.28:8. “The Lord shall command the blessing upon you and in all that your hands settle upon”.

Father, command your blessings upon me and bless all the works of my hands in the name of Jesus. Jesus said, “How much more shall your Heavenly Father give Holy Spirit to those who ask him”. I ask you now in the name of Jesus to fill me with the Holy Spirit. I step into the fullness and power that I desire in the name of Jesus. I confess that I am a Spirit-filled Christian. As I yield my vocal organs, I expect to speak in tongues, for the Spirit gives me utterance in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord! Amen.