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Daniel’s Prayer

Lets us pray to the Lord that He may fill us with the Holy Spirit that helped Daniel do all that was required of him to make his prayer worthy before God. For in our weakness and our unworthiness, the Holy Spirit himself intercedes for us and helps us also to intercede in way that God desires.

To anybody that will benefit from this prayer, he or she should depend and attach himself or herself on the Holy Spirit, because this prayer depends more on the revelations and knowledge of the Lord’s secrets in our lives.

Daniel knew the promise of God towards his nation through reading the word of God. The word of God was his daily meal and it is from where he extracted himself the power which enabled him to self deny, fast and repent as the Holy Spirit guided him.

Again through the continuous reading of the word of God, Daniel was able to know and understand the mercy of God and Hid faithfulness, and this resulted into him trusting the Lord so much and humbling himself whenever he went before him especially during his prayers that were unceasing until his prayer request would be achieved.

Daniel, just like many other outstanding people of God, they were not given to only deliver God’s message to us, but also to learn from them the way they related with the Lord. They were ordinary people like we are, they went through what we are going through, they were tested like we are tested today, that is why we need to take time to learn from them; in the same way being helped by the Holy Spirit through the word of God, that we may overcome as they too overcame.

This prayer is not solely upon imitating what Daniel did that w may do the same too, it is instead more about seeking the eyes of the Lord who promised us every good thing, so that he may fulfill all that he promised.
Let us not go before the Lord for our pains and our self desires only but let us stand before the Lord for all our brothers and sisters; those of our blood line, those of our family and those of our clan. Let us see ourselves as a tree:

  1. The Roots represent the great grandparents that were there before us, now resting in the hands of the Lord.
  2. The Stem represents our parents from whom we are born, whether they are dead or alive, it neither does not matter.
  3. The Branch represents us, who are now interceding before the Lord.
  4. The Leaves represent our children that we have today.

When you combine all these parts, you get a complete tree, this is what we want to bring before the Lord. We realized that your prayer of self interest is too small and therefore yields nothing much, however, the prayer that expands and spreads to even the requests of others, is very powerful because the Lord helps those that are kind to find mercy always where ever they are.

The main intention of this prayer is to ask God help us over all that is binding our blessings, that they may be unbound in a way that he desires; this prayer is there to set loose all the. impossible, all that bound us as a clan; as a family, and then all of us from one clan we be able live again In the blessings of our great grand parents that existed before, and the same may reproduce more blessings, for we are not children of curse but we are children of blessings only, as it was promised through our great grandparent Abrahim.

Because what we are praying for is very’ important, our prayer then should be longer for at least twenty one (21) days — May be God will also pardon us as He had mercy upon Daniel, he answered him and took away the stumbling block that was in his way of message (God’s promise)
It is advisable that one reads all the book of Daniel, then you will be able to go into this prayer very well, and you will be able to know the secrets of God as it happened to Daniel and so he found favor before the Lord in an extra ordinary way.

This prayer of Daniel is not upon praying to God for our petitions only, but also to change our all life — to a life Father in you, let us be one again Ike one worthy of
God’s blessings — therefore, who so ever takes it very well, would get such benefits below;

  1. To fight our bad habits’
  2. To try and fight to finish sin in our lives
  3. To ask God to pardon us for our wrongs.
  4. And to restore peace among those with whom we are by reconciling with them. In this prayer of Daniel, we shall not give you a daily prayer; Instead we shall give you a weekly program of how you shall be conducting your prayer as you make use of the readings given to you. You are free to take one reading every day or to repeat the reading that takes you into repentance.

When you read in the book of Daniel 9:1—3, you realize that Daniel understood very well the scriptures and all that was promised as were given in the prophecy of prophet Jeremiah, later that is why he started this prayer; you too,, read carefully in this first week..

Jer.25: 1—12
For they had disobeyed the Lord, they had done many bad things, he warned them several times but they paid no attention —he then made use of the nonbeliever kings to destroy them and those that remained, to be taken into imprisonment.

When you pay serious attention towards our great grand parents of every blood line or family, you realize that they disobeyed God, through witchcraft and through many other occasions, they were not concerned and so God used the nonbeliever kings (these are the sicknesses — curses – bad habits — Satan of all kinds, e.t.c) that take us into imprisonment of suffering in any painful way, including what is making you cry today.

Therefore, the first week is for repentance and to pray to God for forgiveness
Even in these times you make yourself Holy Matrimonial family and when they are destroyed completely, in place of this Holy Mathmonial family develops a non believing family:

When people get married in Holy Matrimony, it does not take long time after that man gets another woman – he abandons both his wife and children with no help – sadly, even where the man runs to, he leaves and goes to another woman — in this way he is looking for where he can get peace — where he can get free services. And he leaves all these women; he remembers where he started from hence rotating here ‘and there.

Most people that break other homes are the people who operate by the devil’s ways – they look and make all the witchcrafts that can separate the husband and wife hence the devil takes control – today, many people abandon God that they may worship in the life where God does not exist at all!

Our great grand parents used to Worship trees and animals, but today we worship; money, Titles, and Leaderships many of us abandoned God so as to achieve what we want – therefore we are now aliens for who so ever leaves God joins the world of aliens but the one with God is the one who is at home.

Let the scriptures below help you every day for you to have a daily prayer that you say where more emphasis in your prayer: Read one reading every day from the following scriptures; and end with the prayer of Daniel (Daniel 9:4-19)
(i) Psalms 51
(ii) Psalms 32 (iii) Isaiah 53:1 – 2
(iv) Mathew 26: 1. —75
(v) Mathew 27: 1—66
(vi) Mark 14: 1 —72
(vii) Daniel 9:20—27

In this first week, just like Daniel, your prayer must go along with fasting, at least two days, but in a way that you can manage and still have some thing that you self deny in for your sins and the sins of your people.

For those that can not read the word (scriptures) take the rosary and the way of the cross every day for seven days.

The important objective here is to fight sin:
Your prayer now should come from your head (brain) – by recalling all that you suffered in — again it must come from your heart as you desire to see all your people corning back to the Lord.

We read in Daniel 9:3
He set his face towards the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications — This week is for serious intercession so that God may deliver us from the bondages of sin

For those who can manage, spend at least one hour every day before the Holy Sacrament of Eucharist, (Even if they have not exposed the Lord, as long as he is in the Tabernacle, it is enough).

Do not mind even if you are not feeling anything — what is important is to be with him at least one hour (Mark 14:37)

By the time you complete the week; the Lord will have performed and done many wonderful things in you. For Him the Lord alone can deliver you from the bondages of bad habits resting in our lives.
In case you fail to do the above, attend the group prayers, of praise, worship and deliverance in such extra-ordinary places that you know. (At Bukalango such prayers are always there on; Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays).

In this week also, fast and choose some thing that you deny yourself the whole week; it may be visiting, partying, fur or pleasure — you may fight one habit that you know is overpowering you.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we repent and break from all Satan’s ways of — Witchcraft and all paganism ways – that we or our Family tree members have ever attended.

Oh Savior Jesus, forgive us and our Family tree members, all the times that we abandoned you and went to Satan. We too Oh Lord forgive every body among us that has ever participated In all witchcraft, We ask you Lord to heal and deliver us and our parents, also cleanse us from all that came from trusting the useless things of the world.

Oh Lord of authority, renew our vows of Baptism, let your parental hand be upon us all, give us the Holy Spirit – to help us that we may serve you diligently In this life that we may all come into the everlasting life.

O Lord, you Lord of Mercy, heal us fro the wounds of our hearts, and break us away from all the chains Where the devil tied us in sins and we sinned (us and our great grand parents).

We beg you for forgiveness Oh Lord — on behalf of all our Family tree members that sinned and hurt others — those that committed Suicide or in any other ways, even those that carried out abortions — Oh Lord take away from us all these curses that are still following us even up to now.

Into your hands Oh Lord, we surrender all those that past away through. committing suicide or as they were aborted from the wombs of their mothers, or as they died through Motor accidents and also in any other bad way of death.

In the good name of Jesus — and In the power of His blood, together with the power of the cross — I break away from every curse all agreements – all witchcraft — and every dangerous ways and weapons of Satan — that he imparted on me or that I imparted by my own on myself — and unto all our people. I break all the wrong pledges that I have ever done knowingly or unknowingly or pledges that other people made on my behalf — I destroy all in the unfailing power of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord Jesus, God & Merry — you know the reason why the enemy is attacking us – deliver us and rescue us from witchcraft — trusting in the unworthy things of the world – plus all other ways that lead us into loosing your love.

Lord you who delivers those in bondage and give them freedom — In your Holy name cover us with your precious blood — deliver us Lord from every evil spirit that we may have received from fornication — from witchcraft — and from drunkardness and from all other bad habits – in your Holy name cover us with your precious blood – deliver us Lord.
Lord separate the enemy from our life – get him out of our life arid throw him far away — cover us in your precious blood — deliver us Lord.

Father God of authority — in the name of Jesus — we ask you to win this battle — we believe in your power — we praise your kingdom * we magnify your name and your authority – we believe In you to do this job – for our redemption and those that we pray for deliver us Oh Lord — stop now the enemy that fights us — let your kingdom come in us — and take way from us always our enemies— as you abide n us always let your glory manifest in us Oh Lord — we ask this In the name of your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.


The important objective here is the supplication for God to pardon us for our sins and to forgive completely every one that has ever trespassed against us especially those from our Family tree.

Let us read carefully Daniel 10:1-21
This is the prayer of our secret — in order for you to understand its importance, let me bring you a historical testimony from India.

There was one place in India with fierce animals especially leopards and lions, A man of God was taking the Lord unto the sick, and when his vehicle collapsed, he decided to walk to the place where he was going — while on his was, he reached a certain place and felt like loosing hair from his head. When he tried to concentrate, he saw a lion nearby the way he was moving in, it was facing across where there was an animal It wanted to chase, SC) whatever was happening in the way was none of its business. This man of God in his capacity fainted that he even lost strength to leave the place where he was and he was very unconscious that time. Later he felt like a hand pushing him through the back with a lot of force and then his toes got loose, and the hand went on pushing

him by force until he was able to pass by the lion without the lion noticing him passing over, when he reached the other side, he saw that he had by passed the lion and he gave thanks to the Lord he was holding.

You too, ask the Lord to push you that you may by problems, sickness etc – that whatever had tied break just like that of Daniel when the Angel of the Lord came and threw away the devil, then the message reached Daniel.

Complete with our prayer of delivering our family together with the prayer of asking for blessings day you find more touching to your heart, there put A PRAYEROF DELIVERING OURFAMILYTREE
Begin with the renewal of baptism vows – say the prayer of (Apostles’ Creed) — I believe in God the Father Almighty……

Now take this prayer slowly

Father God in heaven I come before you like your that you love so much, t have my petitions paining very much — those of flesh and those of the spirit also all my life that concern all my family tree members plus all mine that resulted from my bad habits — my unseriousness and my sinfulness — in all this I pray humbly that Father forgive me.

I again ask you to forgive me all the sins of my great grand parents that died especially all that they did which is still following me and some of these bad habits still controlling my life — Oh Lord heal me with your right hand arid deliver me in all.

Gracious Lord, I also forgive every body especially those alive and dead in my family tree— and in particular those that did me wrong intentionally and those that I refer to as my friends—and whatever resulted into the suffering that I am going through right now,
In the good name of Jesus, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, I ask you to deliver me and all my family – get me out of the hands of the enemy– fill every member of my family with new life and with the power of faith in you for the love you have for me, Father God of Heaven — On behalf of my brothers and my parents; those alive and the dead, deliver us from every situation that originated from our great grand parents and may you prevent all the bad Habits that follow us ahead of where we are heading to.

In the world of Spirit– I plant and place in the middle of all my problems the cross that destroyed Satan and in the middle of every past and present generation, here I pray that Jesus pours upon us his blood that cleanses, that this blood may cleanse us both the living and the dead — without leaving out any body send us Angel Raphael who is the head of all healing, that he may fill. every member of our Family tree with the power of healing everywhere and in all ways such as; being lame— epilepsy insanity — let your power of healing every time flow upon us the living and the dead.

Send us your angels to protect us, to guide us, to heal us, and to help us in every request.

In our Family tree Oh Lord, take away every thing that is binding us in every situation — and restore a bond between us and you our God and even us, let us be bound together.

By the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of Christ Jesus your living Son, – we ask you to renew our Family tree blessings and every good thing towards every member of our Family Tree. We ask all this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

It would be good for you to finish this prayer together with your brethren or in deliverance prayers:
Sunday September 19th ‘ Saturday September 25th
Sunday September 26th — Saturday October 2fld
Sunday October 3rd — Sunday October 1Ot

Father God in the name of your Son Jesus our Savior and in the power of the Holy Spirit — we ask you Father that you change all the curses and bondages of Satan that he imparted on us due to our mistakes and the bad ways of life of our great grand parents. Father, change them into blessings and victory. And the blessings that Satan had turned into curses, or destroying them, hiding them in inaccessible places — renew them in our lives Oh Lord.

Make us powerful and brave in your love even more than how our great grand parents were, Bless our Family tree and grant us your oneness even though we all do not think the same way.

Oh Lord, renew our blessings — do not let your anger be on us all the time.

Give us new life and blessings that we your children may be able to intercede to you always -‘ show us Oh Lord your endless Love and your help always.

Father God, I attack all the evil Spirits of Satan that change my blessings, my miracles and my victory into curses and failures.

I denounce, bind, and throw Satan wherever he is to the cross of Jesus – and I command all my blessings of my great grand parents to restart flowing towards me like a river of fresh water.

Because it was written in the book of Deuteronomy 28:8 that:

The Lord shall command the blessing upon you in you store houses, and in all that you set your hands upon — Father command your blessings to fall upon my life — and grant a blessing upon the works of my hands.

In the good name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.