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Home Prayers With Faith You Will Move Mountains

With Faith You Will Move Mountains

(Gen. 47:P9; Ps. 119:54; Heb.11:13 -16).
It is a sojourneying and a pilgrimage
We are not citizens of this earthly life.
God’s people have always considered mortal life a sojourning and pilgrimage.
We are children of God, we too must be sojourners since this world is not our home and it mustn’t be so.
There are four aspects of a Christian’s sojourning;
First of aI most details of our homeland have not been revealed We are pilgrims upon the earth journeying to our eternal home in faith.

None of us has seen heaven. We only have vague glimpses of the home we long to obtain at the end of this journey. We do not walk by sight but by faith
Secondly, we do not always undersiand everything that happens along our journey. Put yourself in Noah’s shoes – It had never rained upon the earth and God commanded Noah to build an ark because He was going to cause it to rain and destroy the earth.
So, we do not always understand the things that happen along our journey, we trust in the Lord, obey His word, and remain confident that we will receive the promise.

Thirdly, our pilgrimage requires sacrifice. As an athlete must sacrifice to condition his body, we must also sacrifice to discipline our body and bring it into subjection. Using this metaphor, Paul says: “Therefore I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified”(lCor. 9:26 27).
Our Lord says; Read (Jn 12: 24-26)
Our Lord assured his followers that “Unless the grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat. But if it dies, it produces much fruit.”
Any man who loves his life loses it while the man who hates his life in this world preserves it to life eternaL
If anyone would serve me, let him follow me; where I am, there will my servant be.”
The grain has to die – if you do not die to selfishness – you remain the same – spiritually you are non productive and you get out of graces.

The life – if you are after your life not ready to deny it anything – you lose it easily life has an easy way tolose it.
Let him follow me – The way you live determines whether you are following Jesus or you are on your OWfl way.
For this reason we are taking nine weeks LTuesdays1 We are going through the wilderness of our family history of bondage, blockages and curses etc… to a new life history of blessings and restoration.
Blessed are those who will take up this journey for the transformation of their family tree.

It is a journey through Prayer, fasting, self-denial and almsgiving to have a breakthrough to a life of restoration and blessings – making the impossible possible.
It is in these dark days and desert-times of the Lenten season, that our inner life experiences its greatest growth and power to a new life of blessings.
In this inner struggle for holiness, the soul battles the world, the flesh and the devil just as our Lord battled Satan’s triple temptation in the desert.

“From my youth to old age 1 have yet to see a virtuous man forsaken or his children begging for alms.”  (Ps 37:25).
We need a total healing and deliverance from all types of sin to ensure the success of our prayer for our family tree or for our personal needs
This is the season of our initiation into the grace – life of God for 40 days, invited to start afresh. This proceSS begins by being healed and delivered

Read Gen.3:1-23
Then read the explanation below to understand our need of deliverance.

“From the beginning Man was given dominion over everything God created on earth, all was harmonious and good Not satisfied with good, man wanted to know evil therefore choosing the Tree of Good and EviL
Originally they loved like the Father, through compassion and mercy. This love was displayed towards all creation including each other, but their evil eyes were opened to Satan’s world and now love would be filtered through the lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and the pride of life. They would possess, not love and were now ready for further alteration.
The spirit of man was broken and his soul man was now in bondage to satisfying the flesh, which was governed by Satan.
For years and years this has been the fate of man. We today are many generations away from the perfect state we once were.
Held captive by Satan and the evil hordes that follow his direction, the desires and wants of these unclean spirits have been satisfied through us, their human puppets.

These evil beings have savagely attached themselves to man. Pride, inferiority, anger, fear, possessveness, control etc are all fruit of these evil spirits guiding our lives through cords of iniquity that now have mankind bound in what has become his grave clothes.
Jesus set man free, but man unknowingly conUnues to serve the wrong master. So two things are desperately needed, knowledge to fully comprehend our redemption and for humanity to be given a second chance so man can be reversed, restored to his original perfection.
Our salvation depends on those God gave dominion to be set free. They await the children of God, so it is imperative that we seek God’s knowledge thit He is restoring for this age.”
Discover the Freedom of Peace
Jesus promised that when we bring our needs and cares to him that he will give us peace that exceeds anything we can understand!
You can be Whole Again!
Regardless of what the world sends your way, you can overcome brokenness and have purpose and meaning in your life.

You can be whole again!
A yu travel on life’s journey, YOU can move from brokenness to wholeness.
Find Healing from Sickness…
Are you sick? Do you wonder, “Will I ever be well again? Isn’t theie more to life than this struggle with my body?” Find healing from the Creator of life!
Our hopes and dreams can be crushed under the weight ofsickness. Worst of al few people understand the pain and fewer still know what to say when illness gets us down.
There is hope! God created us to live healthy, abundant lives but mankind rebelled against God Now, we face sickness and disease as a way of life. God knows that. He sent His one and only Son to earth to be our healer!
You might wonder if God heals everyone who calls on Him. The answer is simple, no. Not always. But; He allows us to go to Him and ask. He wants us to first find healing for our soul. Sometimes, those who have suffered sickness discover that is enough.
The Bible is clear that all of us will die. That is the cost of sin in our world But the gift God offers each of us whether we are healthy or not is life after death. How
can you be sure to receive this promise?

One of the benefits of Christ’s death on the cross is healing. The prophet Isaiah foretold of the provision of healing through Christ in Isaiah 53:5: “But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed”
The men who brought their friend to Jesus in Mark 2:1-12 brought him in faith. They believed Jesus could heal their friend In the same way, you can come to Christ in faith for your healing need The same Jesus can heal /ou as welL
Lord, thank You for the stripes You took for my healing. I recognize Your power to heal and pray that I too, will experience healing as Your power sweeps over my body and soul
Dear Jesus, I am sorry for the wrong things I have done.
I need Your forgiveness and Your healing. I need You
as my Lord and Savior. Help me to start a new life in
You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Dealing with your personal sin, finding how you can be set free mainly from the so called darling sins (small).
1. Personal sins
Identify the areas of weakness and failure in your life — sins – bad habits or any serious addictions – repent and ask for
Forgiveness ask the grace to be set free – surrender all to Jesus for forgiveness and deliverance.
2.Sin in general – in your family tree
General weakness, Habitual sins in the family
Violence, incest; excessive anger, murder addiction to
alcoholism, Addiction to Sexual sins – lust.
Write your main concern or intentions two or three on your own behalf and on the behalf of your Family Tree.

These Seven Prayers have been prepared to help yrn. achieve your victory by using the gift of Faith that Go gave you with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Take all these seven prayers every day for seven days, and the Lord God the most Holy one will not fail to see your Faith revealed in every Prayer that you pray.
a) In l1 these Prayers, every Prayer is an act of Faith that your God is a God of Mercy. Establish and emphasise your prayers in the word of God Mk
b) Go through these Prayers along with fasting in any way possible every time you pray tthese Prayers.
Carefully read the words that follow these Prayers so that they help you guide your Spirit in Prayer that you are going to say.
Before you Start the Prayer start with any Prayer of the Holy Spirit or a song of the Holy Spirit in a summerised way, do all this in Faith by the help of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Bow your Soul towards the Lord – soakyourselffully
in the Blood ofjesusso that you are cleansed in this
Have Mercy upon me Oh Lorc by your everlasting mercy – Lord take away all my faults, wash me clean oh Lord so that sin gets off me completely.
know dear Lord that I annoyed you — I repent and break down in my spirit I admit and ask for your forgiveness – have Mercy upon me oh Lord – take away my sin so that I am clean and right before you, restore my joy, happiness and peace in me.
Create in me a clean heart oh Lord of Mercy, renew a right Spirit within me — do not cast me away from your presence – take not your Holy Spirit from me oh Lord.
A broken and contrite heart Oh Lord you will not dispise — it is the sacrifice you please and this is what I offer to you as I repent of my sins.
ask of your grace to help me never to repeat the same mistakes that anoy you – but instead bring you others to seek and come back to you as they witness how you have restored my life and renewed me.

Let all the Glory and Praise be given back to you now and always in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

During this Prayer forward your Petitions before Go4 your sorrow, all your petitions. Power out your soul to God – then the Lord God that sees all will not fail to Pardon, rescue and deliver you.
Deliver me oh Lord because problems are all over me I have reached the limit — I am consumed by problems. Lord deliver me, Lord my God I lift unto you all my problems, I cry out to you every night and day.
I have a lot of problems oh Lord, help me oh Lord because I am counted among those that lost hope, with no help.
Behold oh Lord I call upon you with all my heart answer me dear Lord pardon me.
I call upon you oh Lord — save me so that I may do all that you require me to do. I believe in you oh Lord you who promises and fulfills.

By your Mercy oh Lord hear me your servant keep my life and help me break through the bondages set by my enemies, make me victorious in all
Let the Glory and Praise be given back to you oh Lord all eternity in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus, Amen.

Your God is Mighty, He is Great and above Glory and power – goodness and mercy, He is everlasting, – let your soul be at peace at the feet ofJesus – Bow and worship Him the Lord – in Spirit and in words. Oh Lord my God I worship you with all my soul, I bow down before you who is almighty and above every thing that I see and those that I do not see.
Mignify our God always – bow down always at His feet
– Worship the Lord because He is Holy.
Let every thing that has breath bow down and worship the Lord and let them Glorify you oh Lord every where
– You the Lord beyond every thing.
Oh Lord our creater — the God of all kings, you are worthy to be praised always because there is no one like you.

You alone are Lord. You alone are above every thing and it is You alone worthy of all the Glory, Praise and authority always in the name of Jesus, Amen.

After worshiping your God, you will not fail to feel His love and the end giving in to Him fully — surrender all yourself to Him the Good Lord.
Surrender to Him in silence — hear yourself surrendering to Him and leave your self before Him — in His hands.

a) Do this for some time in silence while meditating upon the goodness of God plus His promises for He said that “If you sinners can give your children good things, won’t your Father of heaven do much more to give good things to those that ask of Him! !“

b) Know God slowly by the help of the guidelines given below;
Find a song and instead of singing the real words, follow the actual rythym so that your spirit flows and taps the Holy Spirit until when you feel deep inside your heart that your worship has really reached the Throne of God.

Feel at peace with the very God that you welcomed who is now in your heart – trust in Him with a straight heart as you lift unto Him all your petitions
— both yours and the ones of Family tree.
Oh Lord hear my prayers and let my tears reach you — answer when I call upon you.
The Oh Lord I lift unto you all my pains and the pains of all my Family tree members.
Deliverance and Healing is a very important Prayer to us before you oh Lord – rescue us oh Lord from every problem – give us that trust you, peace and joy.
Increase in us your grace that help us — pour out upon us your everlasting blessings — and I lift unto you every body in need – Oh Lord of mercy give us all the we have requested you.
Hear us oh Lord – let your goodness, authority and your favour be upon us all the days of our lives — we have prayed all this through the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Amen.

Here praise your God whom you have prayed to and in whom you have put all your trust – now lift up your praise to Him with allyour heart; your strength with every part ofyour body.
Praise the Lord all you servants of the Lord, praise His name you who stand in His house, yes in the courts of our Lord praise the Lord because He is good. Sing His name beause he is merciful to you IsreaL
Praise the Lord you children of Aronn’s house — praise the Lord you who honour the Lord.
Praise the Lord for He is good — sing His name because
He is merciful
Let us praise the name of the mighty Lord – He is Holy.
It is good to declare your mercy every morning and your faithfulness every evening.
Oh Lord your creation is marvelous that is why I sing with joy for all that you fulfilled
I will sing of your mercy oh Lord all days of my life — I will always praise your Faithfulness all the days of my life in the beautiful name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

Truly I say unto you that what ever you will ask in prayer with Faith, believe that your prayer has been granted for you will get it (Mk 11:24) Thank the Lord for He is good – His mercy endures forever.
Let all those that the Lord delivered from the authority of the enemy give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures for ever.
It is good to gives thanks to you oh Lord as we sing and praise you the God above all
Oh Lord all your creation is good — I sing and thank you with joy for all that you fulfilled
Oh Lord I thank you because you delivered me when I called upon you — you rescued me from the grave and delivered me from death.
You people of God thank Him for He is above every thing – every where.
The Lord’s anger is of a short time but His mercy endures for ever.

Let the Lord be praised, let the Lord be Glorified
now and for ever in the precious name of our Lord
Jesus Christ, Amen. (X3)
(Repeat these last sentences three times)