Fasting – Church Teachings

Posted on February 12, 2010 
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The quality of fasting depends on the purpose of the Fast. One of the most important aims of fasting is to increase the power of prayer. There are Negative Forces or Problems which can be subdued and eliminated by;
any believer
a believer with prayer
and a believer with prayer and fasting.
Things which are more difficult will demand greater sacrifice. One can increase prayer-power by an additional price or limit prayer-power by neglecting to pay additional price. Fasting is a powerful weapon against the devil. It over-throws satan and builds the Kingdom of God. No one should take life lightly, rather make up your mind to pay the price—a life devoted to Prayer and Fasting.

People who fast one meal when they could fast two a day, those who fast one meal a day when they could fast a meal for two days etc—, are living a life of disobedience. Their authority over satan or problems is very limited.

When we can not live a life consecrated to God, or live a life without prayer and enough fasting, our prayer will be very weak. [Mk. 9:17-29]Lk.2; 36-38.

People, who are devoted to the Lord, do pray and fast throughout as a way of life. They should have a regular way of fasting. For example; a short fast, a two day fast, a three day fast, a weeklong fast. Long fasting periods: – 1 week group (together), three weeks, and 40 days should be done once a year.

Anne the daughter of Phanuel spent all her life in the temple praying and fasting for the Lord to come. She worshiped and fasted. She understood how the devil had delayed the coming of the MESSIAH from the beginning of God’s plan;
Sarah was barren for years—she was in the lineage of the Savoir
Judah committed immorality with his daughter in law and gave a birth to Perez who was also in the lineage of the delayed Messiah.
David committed adultery and Solomon also of the lineage of the Savoir was born.

Satan delayed God’s plan wanting God to give up. Anna looked forward to meeting the Savoir. She was a self-made Prayer Warrior. Her prayers and her fasting enabled Jesus to come during her times or else she was going to miss him, possibly even Mary would miss him. In spite of her old age Anna persisted in fasting and prayer. When Anna met Jesus, she continued to pray and to fast; that is why Jesus escaped from Herod.

There are many of God’s plans delayed or made impossible in our life!! This is due to our neglect of prayer and enough fasting.

Dreams, Interpretation, Prayer

Posted on February 12, 2010 
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This time, we are going to mention some common dreams and find a prayer against them with an aim of learning how to reverse and fight against negative dreams – those from the enemy.

When you dream losing your cloth and not able to find them. Suppose this dream happened in your life.
The dream means that spiritual thieves are working against you and the result of this is shame and emotion.

Abba Father, God of Mercy, I ask your angels now to go and recover what I have lost in the dream. Dear Holy Spirit, I kindly ask you now to arrest those who are responsible and dear Lord Jesus, I now ask you for a garment of honor and glory. Amen.

When you dream walking bear-foot.

This dream could mean that you are heading for shame, hardship and demotion.

Abba Father, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I destroy the powers of all evil spirits assigned to monitor my life, so that they report back to my enemies. I bind the spirits of shame, poverty; I cast you into the lake of fire. I now release the terrible fire of God to burn you to ashes. Lord Jesus I now cover my self with your precious Blood which you shade for me on Calvary I pray in your name Jesus Christ, Amen.

When you dream falling into a pit.

This dream could mean that you are heading for spiritual captivity. It could mean also that you have already been sold into slavery. It could be that close friends, family members, dead or alive or even enemies at your work-place are doing this.


Abba Father, look up on me with mercy, do send your angels to rescue me from the slavery and captivity in which I have been sold. I surrender all those responsible to your justice. Oh God, do turn now the effects of this dream into my victory and freedom in name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Fr. Magembe Expedito.

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