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Daniel’s Testimony

Daniel's TestimonialsI write to thank the almighty Father in heaven for all the good he has done in my life through Mount Sion Bukalango Prayer Centre. I am particularly interested in telling you my testimony so as to help you learn how to pray, be patient and know that God truly answers prayers.

I was quite rich in the Ugandan setting. I was working for a Japanese company as a manager in East Africa, I had cars, houses, land, good credibility, and a large number of my family were living abroad.(Some of them, I personally sponsored to go live out there).
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Blessed with Children

Blessed with Triplets

Praise the Lord. I came to Bukalango after failing to conceive . When I prayed for a child, God blessed me with triplets. I thank Msgr. Magembe for teaching me how to pray. I give the honnor and glory to Almighty God.

Daniel Akileng

On that mountain one year ago, my wife and I carried 5 passports for us and our children. Our request? To be blessed so that we can migrate to the US. Today we sit here in the US as a family and look back at Mt Sion Bukalango in awe and just nod our heads saying ” indeed we serve a living God who lives on that mountain” God answered all our prayers and continues to bless us in our new country. I have no words to express my thanks to the Bukalango crew especislly: intercessor Michael, JB Mukajanga, and Msgr Magembe. Thank you Bukalango family for praying together. I always miss the Mt. Sion.

Nalongo Kiwana

I AM called Nalongo Kiwana from USA. I came to Bukalango to get a child. When Msgr. Magembe prayed for me through the intercession of Blessed Sr. Urlika, the Lord blessed me with twins. Lord accept the small contribution i have brought for you in this prigrimage.

I used to get miscourages but when i came to Bukakango, Msgr. Magembe prayed for me . through the intercession of blessed sr. Urlika i have now a baby.