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Daniel’s Testimony

I write to thank the almighty Father in heaven for all the good he has done in my life through Mt. Sion Bukalango. I am particularly interested in telling you my testimony so as to help you learn how to pray, be patient and know that God truly answers prayers.


I was quite rich in the Ugandan setting. I was working for a Japanese company as a manager in East Africa, I had cars, houses, land, good credibility, and a large number of my family were living abroad. (Some of them, I personally sponsored to go live out there).

Then the problems…
My wife gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl. At four months she fell sick and her blood levels fell very dramatically. I went to hospital and it was a matter of hours that she would die because of low blood levels. That day we managed to get blood at Nsambya and they checked and confirmed she had sickle cell disease. All doctors assured us that there was no cure. I will never forget one doctor at Doctors Plaza Nsambya. She spoke slowly and with confidence how we are going to go through pain and the kid will not live for many years like everyone else. We began suffering as she had said. Plenty of pain for the child and sleepless nights for us. We were regulars at the hospital. Almost everyone at the hospital knew us because we would spend weeks in the hospital. At that time I had some good money and my wife and I were self employed so this didn’t affect us much. But one day, problems came pouring into my life from all directions. I lost all the money and businesses I had, the property, the friends and even the wisdom to do any business. At that time I didn’t know God. Well, I knew he existed but I didn’t know that I mattered to him at all.

When the money issues began biting, I found myself in big debt of up to Shs 300,000,000(Three hundred million shillings). I lost hope. I rented out my 5 bedroom mansion with everything inside and went to live in a single room on a farm. Everyone who would try to help me, got serious problems. One cousin even died days before the date he promised to give me some millions to restart my business. Barclays wanted to sell my house, the people I owed money took me to Police, took me to Court and would send threatening messages day and night. The pressure was too much!!! I would wake up at night with the whole bed wet with sweat…really really wet. Hope was completely lost.

Turning point
I went to a burial and talked to someone poor. I knew she couldn’t help me but I just got an urge to tell her that I was dying inside. Debts were killing me. She told me about a conference at Namugongo(Annual Catholic Charismatic Renewal 2013). The theme that year was “You cant please God without Faith” There were many speakers including Msgr Expedito Magembe. My faith grew within one week.

I was completely changed and began talking about God. I met a good old friend who told me that if I went to Mt Sion Bukalango, my life would never be the same. I went to Bukalango. Indeed, I saw miracles and I really saw the presence of God and the Holy spirit. I believed that if God could do to those people such miracles and he said he will do it for all of us who turn to him, why not me?

I prayed a lot of prayers including, “making the Impossible possible’, Self deliverance prayers, Family Tree etc.
Msgr Magembe kept teaching us that if we acted like mad people while praying, God would also give us in a mad way. I began believing God for the impossible.

I wrote a list of things which looked impossible to the human eye.
The police cases, the debts, the court cases, the healing of my daughter from sickle cell disease etc

God responds
I prayed on Mt Sion Bukalango for a long time believing God and taking every blessing Msgr told us to take. I never missed a Sangalo. But nothing was happening or so I thought.
In a smooth motion, I began sleeping peacefully, I found myself back in my house and then things were quiet. Prayers daily for the same issues. In that time my wife and I didn’t have any job. But miraculously our kids were attending good schools and we always had a lot of food at home. God would send people to bring us food and whatever we needed. We never lacked a thing. However the big debt remained, the police cases were pending, the court cases also kept going on, my daughter was still sickly though at that time, God had put a stop to her falling sick. She didn’t go to hospital for 3 years. Her regular Doctors thought she had died. The people I owed money continued to make aggressive calls but I would first tell God “this is your phone call” before answering the phone and miraculously they would be very polite.

The torn police bond
One day I got fed up with the police case. I went to Bukalango with my police bond in the pocket because I had been to report at police before heading to pray. When Msgr asked everyone with problems to lift their problems to God, I saw people lifting their passports, driving licences, job applications etc. I didn’t pull out mine. I just raised my hands and told God. “I know you know what I got in there. Please do something”

A week later, when I was arranging my papers to go to the police, I found the police bond in between the other papers, shredded. I carefully checked the other papers and only the police paper was shredded. I took the shredded papers to police and the police officer saw the papers, laughed hard and told me the case was closed!! I only knew who had done it!!

The Debts
I had debts totaling over 300,000,000 (Three hundred million shillings) and some of them had interest. I had 4 cars in Mombasa. They were accumulating storage charges daily.

Msgr Magembe taught us about leaving the comfort zone. So I one time left home and left all my comfort things behind. I only went with a jacket. I stayed in Lazaro(the men’s dormitory in Bukalango), sleeping on a tiny mat for 3 nights. It was a very painful way to sleep but the program paid off.

When I got home after the stay at Lazaro, I continued to get angry calls from my creditors. I got very angry. I went to my compound where I had nicknamed ‘Garden of Gethsemane’ and sat on a chair and began quarreling with God. I asked him what his verses meant and if he really meant his verses like “come to me who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest” I challenged his verses against my situation and having no answers despite giving up everything and waiting on him. Suddenly a drop of water fell from the sky on one of the open palms of my hand. I looked up and saw no cloud or anything. It was a clear sky. I asked “Jesus, is that you?” “If it’s you, am very unhappy with you” “why do you forsake me?” Just then another drop of water fell on my other palm and then it began pouring like a tap on both hands. When it stopped, I got up and hurried to the house without looking back.

The next day nothing happened. I continued praying but this time, the phone calls stopped completely. Two weeks later, I got a call from Mombasa. They informed me that my debt of over 130,000,000 (One hundred thirty million shillings) was forgiven and I could go pick up my cars.
I hurried and picked the cars which had been in Mombasa for up to two years. Interestingly, I found that the cars had been stored in a shade for all the two years, so the cars were as good as new!
I managed to get money for the bank loan too and paid up. The bankers told me that whenever they sent someone to take pictures of the house so that they may sell it, the people would get lost, fall sick or something would come in the way. For six months, the bank never managed to get to the house.

My Daughter
My six-year-old daughter was still suffering with sickle cell. After paying the bank, we decided that we look for a way to heal our daughter. We heard about bone marrow transplant which could be done in India. We took her to Bukalango for uncountable times and told her that her faith would heal her. She would clap so hard at Bukalango when praying and she began prophesying on her situation that Jesus had already healed her.
One day she fell very sick. She almost died due to lack of blood at Nsambya but by God’s grace, some good Samaritan availed us blood close to mid night. She however suffered a stroke. It was a very very painful situation as even morphine was failing to numb the pain in her head. We prayed and got over it. This point is very important in her healing because it was later to be a determinant in her operation in future.

As we were battling with that situation, we were at the same time praying to God to win the Green card lottery to the United States while selling our house to take her to India in case the Green card doesn’t work out.
We were selected to go for processing for Green card in Nairobi.

Two of my kids didn’t have passports. We needed the passports urgently. As usual I visited the blessed sacrament at Bukalango and went to chase the passports. The Minister of State in Internal Affairs was a good friend. But for the glory of God, such people are deleted from the equation. When I got there, he had travelled. I prayed to God. I had many connections but the Holy spirit whispered to me. “I am going to use the lowest” I wondered who the lowest was. Then I remembered someone who had been demoted and was in a tiny office in Gulu. I called him. He gave me a phone number of someone in Mbale. I travelled to Mbale early the next day and by 4pm, I had the two passports of the kids.

I went to Bukalango for Sangaalo with my wife and we held up those Passports to the Lord. We prayed for confirmation of the Visas and for a good future in America.
We travelled to Nairobi, God made the journey happen. There were many miracles in Nairobi but all in all we got Green card visas for all of us and travelled to the U.S.
This journey has so many miracles which I cant write but all in all God walks with us because we are constantly in prayer.

I have a friend in Kampala who was the one who first told me about Bukalango. I had a strong conviction to put in a prayer request at Bukalango. But it was one of those very busy days of Sangaalo. I felt I would be bothering her to send her to the Office. But because I knew God lives on that Mountain, I told her to write my petition and throw it anywhere on the ground. She couldn’t believe me. I repeated clearly and told her that God needs you to do extraordinary things for his attention. “Just throw the paper anywhere on the grounds of Mt Sion”. She did it( she told me she threw it in the nuns’tent) and when she confirmed that she had done it, all I had to do was wait for the answers. I had written a list of prayer requests on a paper I always carry in my wallet. But today, I have to write a new one because all of them have been ticked as accomplished…THANKS BE TO GOD

When we got to the U.S, we began visiting doctors and they were going to treat her like any other sickle cell patient. I asked them about the bone marrow transplant issue and that’s when they said “we don’t do it to everyone. We only do it to those who have ever suffered a stroke”
At that moment we knew God had paved a way through the stroke she had gotten while in Uganda. She qualified for the bone marrow transplant.

The next hurdle was finding a suitable match to donate a bone marrow. The first option was to check her siblings for a match. I thank the almighty God that a 100% match was found with her elder sister.

In America getting a house takes months. There are many factors to go through before you can be offered a house to rent. We weren’t afraid because the Holy spirit told us to begin moving for, as soon as we get out of the door to move, someone will be outside waiting for us. Me and my family drove to a distant town and began visiting many apartments. All were full and put us on waiting list for 6 months onwards. So, we were very tired and hungry and drove towards home. We reached somewhere and decided to visit a friend and take a break before going back to that stressful house. When we narrated our story, the woman told us “why look any further. I am leaving this state and I am selling off all my household stuff. But because you are God’s people, I will give you everything. You only come with your clothes after 7 days”. We praised God for his word came to pass. We moved to our new home and continued the sickle cell battle which we believed we had already won.

We went through the normal procedures but in every step of the way, you could see the hand of God. The operation costs $800,000. We didn’t pay a coin but instead we got a lot of assistance including, fuel to last many months, rent assistance, toys and clothes for all the children etc.

On behalf of my family, I thank the various prayer warriors I joined Faith with, Msgr Expedito Magembe for his guidance and most of all God almighty.
To God be the Glory and Honour.