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UPPER ROOM: Commanding a beautiful view of surrounding villages, this Chapel is the second structure to be erected at Mt.SPC after the current temporary church shelter. “The Hand Maids of the Lamb” known as the Nisch, devote a twenty-four hour un-broken vigil in the chapel throughout the year. All written and un-written petitions of believers are brought in this holy place. The intercessors plead to God to answer the peoples’ requests; they also pray for the intentions of the universal Church. Apart from the clergy, the religious and selected people, this place has strictly limited access. (Acts 1:13-14, Matthew 26:20)

ESSANGAALO: A Lugisu, Lunyole and Samia word for “Happiness”. Essangaalo is now a permanent feature on Mt. SPC Calendar every last Saturday of the month with the exception of the Saturday preceding the Kampala diocesan day (Oct-Nov). On this monthly occasion, thousands of Faithful of diverse faiths come for special deliverance prayers, to ask God MOVE immovable mountains, unachievable feats in life. They keep a “Happy Vigil” with Jesus from dusk to dawn by celebrating the Holy Eucharist. The number of testimonies of achievements as a result of these prayers is endless and continues to grow. (Mt.SPC requests you today to record and send it).

EKIKA KY’EMMESSE (Rat Group); Members of this prayer group unite spirit and soul internationally in a chain prayer wherever one is, to pray for priests, Sion community, and the church. Each member chooses a day when to pray. They follow prescribed norms and ways of praying. Local members meet once a week usually on Saturdays at Mt.SPC. Different cells link via e-mails and cell-phones all over Europe and USA. More members are invited to join. (Contact Office)

NKULEMEDDEKO; (Stuck on You-Jesus) A group of devoted Christians who enroll and pledge to spend one hour with Jesus on any day of the week throughout the year. This prayer is conducted before Jesus in the adoration Chapel at the Centre. On each completion of the task one must fill the register before the Blessed Sacrament. In this way they maintain a chain of prayers for the needs and intentions of the Centre and universal Church. Volunteers are encouraged to enroll and join-contact office.

MIKAYIRI (St, Michel); this spiritual war fare fighter Brigade is named after St. Michael the Archangel; fearless Warrior of Christ. With the support of St. Michael these warriors meet regularly for prayers. They assault the devil, demons, and all types of evil spirits on violent and possessed individuals. The victims are later rehabilitated and counseled. The Warriors have a distinct battle zone (place).
Mt.SPC Activities; Deliverance Prayers, Counseling, Retreats, see Weekly Programme