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God Loves Very Much the Promises

14 Jul

God Loves Very Much the Promises

Every time you rise to praise to the Lord, believe you have touched His heart. A continuous praise never dries up the heart of God, and in praising 1-urn there is nothing that stands in your way and there is no greater person than God.
Praising brings special blessings because the Lord raises you up and there is no any satan can bring you down. Due to the special heavenly blessings you deserve all the good that comes from God [Songs of Songs 1:3]. An unusual praise brings with it unusual blessings [Ps. 6:7:5-61. You have cried enough, now praise and you will see the good things that come from God.
With a continuous praise, you will realize that things are getting better each other day. For your two fish and five loaves of bread to multiply for everyone to eat, you have to

praise. But when you dignify yourself because you think things are little, then even the little He has given will disappear from you.
Thank God for the little you have, even those you have not yet got will come your way.
The secret in things to multiply is by praising. Praising is the water which is sprinkled on every seed you plant in faith. We have many growers but few harvesters of the seeds that have multiplied within us. For even those who know how to praise are few.

Whatever you want from the throne of Grace is in abundance but you have to reach there
yourself in pleasant voices [Ps. 100: 1 -4]. If there is anything you want from God,
praising and dancing are the tools that can make you reach there. Every time satan hits you and you fall, gather yourself up immediately and kick him out by praising, you will quickly regain.

When you praise, whatever they do to you they have done it to the Lord [Chronicles 15: 1]. You need to praise in order to get God on your side
– He will win you wars [Joshua 6:20]. You have struggled with many wars but be cautious not to die in them. Whenever you need help from God, praise Him. He will do the rest. Life is full of problems, Praise destroys all the problems. For you to win the wars the price is to praise; therefore the war is not yours but for the Lord
[2Chron: 20 15-22],,
When you praise, you will be delivered [Act 16: 25-26].

Praising lifts you out of the world of spirits and that is the secret of your deliverance

[Ps. 92:1 -10]. Praising gives you strength and life [Ps. 8:2; Mt. 21: 16]. Always remember that there is no one who can dance in your place and who can praise for you.
Praising the Lord in songs is very sweet and dancing for the Lord is another thing
[Ps. 149: 1-4].
You need to know that God is found in the praises of His people, because when you praise you are filled with the anointing and with God’s presence. Then expect no attack from the evil spiritual world. You will have power over the evil spirits, satan, sickness, weakness and every difficult and heavy burdens.
God is our strength for without Him we are nothing, ‘therefore whatever He says should prompt you to thank and praise Him because of your faith [1 Cor. 1:26-29]. What you are is not of your power, but Jesus is the reason for your being. Whenever they clap their hands they are clapping for Jesus who

is in Heaven. Lift the Lord in praises for he has the power to open all your blessings. Everything good in you comes from the Lord. Praise Him so that you are cured of dignifying

Despite the fact that you have right reasons, avoid complaining and quarreling. The easiest way of destroying yourself and to getting nothing is to ask God questions and accuse Him in your heart. When you stop looking for what God has not given you, everything else who accumulate on you. If God was not on your side your enemies would have swallowed you [Num. 11.1]. Everyone who keeps complaining also keeps losing. Every time you complain God crosses out what He was going to give you. Stop saying that the Lord has delayed – wait while praising.
Tomorrow is in His in hands.

Again stop saying that what passed is better than what you have – you will decline in thanksgiving and please remember that it is Satan’s trap.
Stop complaining about God’s timing. You will never reach anywhere or receive anything until you believe that God is right in everything He does.

The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of praising God and takes away our misery because the people of God are freed from complaints and quarrels, and are filled with happiness and peace because of continuous praising.